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Im aktuellen Blog ProntoPro gibt es ein Interview mit Silvia de Couët zum Thema BestAge-Models:
Ein gutes Händchen für BestAgers und Femily-Models
Viel Spaß beim Lesen!…

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New with us: Marga
experienced family and business model, based in Netherlands

Maria Maria Maria Maria

Fashionshow für Bestager 18.05.2012 Hotel Dorint Camp de Mar, Mallorca


Ann from Sarasota Herald-Tribune interviews Alexandre de Couët, representative of BestagersBEST - International Model Agency specialized in the placement of so called Bestagers, Silvermodels, Seniormodels, Generation 50+ ... READ MORE ...

New with us: Menina
experienced family and business model, based in Berlin

Family Model Menina Family Model Menina Family Model Menina Family Model Menina

  • Les valeurs des produits et services sont à adapter à un contexte particulier.
  • La communication joue sur des media, des ressorts et des formes ciblés.
  • Les schémas de dialogue, le service au client font écho à une socialisation et une psychologie typées.

L’ensemble de ces actions et la relation développée entre la marque et son univers aident ainsi le client à « définir son 3ème âge ». Les sociétés spécialisées sont les partenaires de cette cible dans son entrée parmi les seniors.

Dans la définition de leur marketing, l’intégration de la notion de nouvelle phase de vie, la compréhension fine des modifications associées pour le senior sont des clefs de succès. A ce titre, le principe de troisième âge est riche de sens.

New with us: Rafa
experienced family and business model, based in Munich, Palma, Miami

Rafa Rafa Rafa Rafa

How Seniors Think

“A 65 year old customer is not simply a 40 year older version of their 25 year old self.”

– David B. Wolfe

Marketing to Seniors – Think Buying Power by Per Capita Incom

Baby Boomer Marketing & Senior Marketing

Baby boomer and senior customers (born before 1965) are the fastest growing, wealthiest, best educated and most sophisticated of purchasers. Marketing must create motivating communications, effective sales presentations and service improvement programs to better capture and keep these customers. Other business costs are falling while marketing costs are increasing, yet, response rates to many traditional marketing and sales techniques are off. There is growing impatience with the marketing function of business that is costing more, delivering less and resists accountability ... FULL ARTICLE

Boomers & Senior Customers Are Writing a Brand New Book

You’ve heard of the Age of Aquarius, well, welcome to the “Golden Age of Aquarius”. Somewhere in America, a boomer will turn 50 every seven to ten seconds, that’s more than 12,000 each day and over four million each year for the next decade. Yet many marketers are not prepared to reach this new class of consumers who have more money to spend than their parents' did. .... FULL ARTICLE

Don't Be Fooled By the Hype

Over the next decade the over 50 year old markets will increase by approximately 50% while the under 50 markets will increase by only 1%. Management and Marketers would be wise to affirm or reaffirm their approach to this growing market. Unfortunately, most companies that target baby boomers (78 million strong born between 1946 and 1964) and senior customers (34 million strong born before 1946) take a programmatic, tactical or numbers approach rather than a strategic approach to increasing market share. In addition, because of all the rhetoric and media hyperbole about demographic trends, marketers are allowing the age of their current and future customers to decide their approach to service design and delivery .... FULL ARTICLE